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Discovered by American GIs:

Fuessing SPA in Germany: The most popular thermal spa resort in the world celebrates its 70th anniversary

70 years ago American soldiers discovered the power of the thermal springs of Füssing in Bavaria (Germany). They founded "Pearl Bath". Today the legendary thermal water that rises to the surface from a depth of more than 3,000 feet helps millions of people every year. Thanks to its American founding fathers, Fuessing Spa still is a popular destination for many American tourists on their European tour.

Fuessing SPA - The history of Fuessing Spa sounds like a modern fairy tale. What first seemed like an unsuccessful drilling for mineral oil in 1938, quickly turned out to be a great success for the small village of Fuessing in the heart of Bavaria: What had been found was a hot, curative natural spring.In 1947, almost ten years later, American soldiers stationed in Germany after the Second World War heard about the hot spring. They opened the so-called "Pearl Bath" on its grounds, named after the commander of the camp, David Pearl.

This was the beginning of an unprecedented success story: the story of the rise of the small Bavarian village of Fuessing, with 38 inhabitants at the time, into the most popular  health resort in Europe and the most visited spa in the world - Fuessing Spa.

Record: 1.6 million visitors per year

Fuessing spa offers to its 1.6 million visitors a year Germany's most extensive thermal spa area. 2.45 million overnight stays a year make Fuessing Spa the number one spa among the 1,000 medicinal spas in Europe and rest of the world. Fuessing Spa is also the flagship spa of the Bavarian Golf and Spa region, located 100 miles east of Munich. Europe's most popular health resort offers its guests a total of 130,000 square feet of bathing areas in three large thermal spa resorts and numerous hotels which have access to their very own thermal water supplies. More than 10,000 spa visitors can comfortably enjoy the pools for health training, fun and recreational activities at the same time.

Joint problems and stress reduction: Fuessing offers legendary healing power

The secret of the incomparable expansion of Fuessing Spa is the legendary sulphurous thermal mineral water which rises to surface from more than 3,000 feet at a temperature of 133 F (56 C). The special composition of the water is considered to be highly effective when it comes to rheumatism and joint diseases. It helps speed up the healing of bone, joint and muscle injuries. In a study involving several thousand patients, 90 percent of the participants reported a noticeable alleviation of their pain, 70 percent reported a significant improvement in the mobility of the spine and joints after the thermal therapy.

In the US Fuessing Spa still benefits from the reputation of"Pearl Bath"

Fuessing Spa is popular with guests from all over the world today. The list of countries from where visitors hail ranges from Austria to Burundi and from Australia to the UK. Visitors from the United States figure traditionally among the ten leading countries of provenance.

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Fuessing spa in the very early days and today. Top left: In 1947 patients sat in improvised tubs made from canal pipes. Bad Füssing`s spa world today - with the event and concert center "Großer Kursaal" (left below), the thermal baths of the spa centers "Europa-Therme" and "Johannesbad" (right above).

Soldiers of the American Armed Forces took a picture in front of "Pearl Bath" which laid the foundations for the development of Fuessing Spa to the most popular health resort in Europe.

Today, Fuessing Spa in Germany offers the largest thermal bathing areas in Europe. The picture shows the spa center "Johannesbad Therme".

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